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Thanks for stopping by! This blog is a sneak peek of how much haywire my mind has. Hope you find something worth reading!

Here are some of my poems and stories…

Easy, Simple

You walked towards her, at hand a hibiscus flowerA peace offering after a small and petty banterSorry, you were, for how you made her…

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These days life is hard to befriendI tend to look at the glass half emptyI thirstBut my body is like a stump Purpose has…

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This poem is for all the youngest child in every family out there.

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Stop, Begin, Continue

Stop.Stop looking at the best angles of other peopleBut the worst in you Quit.Quit focusing on gloomy daysThen sleeping in when it’s sunny outside…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Marie. I am a full-time corporate slave and a frustrated writer on the side! Sometimes life gets a little too much so I curl up in my corner and try to write and it makes me feel a little better!

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